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About Heroes

* The higher the rarity of the "Last-Item" you set in your dungeon,
the more your fame will increase, and the more heroes will come.

* The stronger the monsters you've set as the "Last-Boss" and "Big Four,"
the higher the levels of the invading heroes.

* The greater the number of floors in your dungeon,
the greater the variety (class) of heroes that will come.

* Among the invading heroes,
there are some equipped with precious rare items and others that form parties.

Other Specifications

* Click "Class" in the upper right to see the number of heroes you've killed.

* In Hard Mode, the amount of experience points is increased for each kill.

heroes You May Encounter (class description)
Inexperienced heroes have invaded to put their skills to the test.
Because their equipment is sub-par, you won't gain many resources (Bone) by defeating them.
Their satisfaction (SA) maxes out near the surface and they will soon attempt to leave.
Let some of them escape once in a while to increase your dungeon's fame (score).
Although they have sub-par equipment, they are capable of disabling traps.
They move very quickly, so be careful that your items aren't stolen.
Thief Trap Disabling Success Rates: Trap Lv.1 = 100%
These heroes are used to combat, but if low level, even Zombies can handle them.
Like novices, there isn't much need to worry about them.
Decide whether to defeat them or let them leave according to your resource needs.
These are battle-loving heroes.
Because their satisfaction (SA) will increase simply by fighting Zombies, there is no need to be reckless in defeating them as long as they don't take your treasure.
*They will leave the dungeon when their satisfaction maxes out or if their HP fall too low.
These are treasure hunters who excel at exploring dungeons.
As they are agile and possess the ability to sniff out treasure, treasure on the first levels will be quickly stolen.
Rogue Trap Disabling Success Rates: Trap Lv.1~3 = 100%
*Normal heroes cannot steal an item if there is a monster such as a Golem in the same area, but rogues and ninjas differ on this point.
"Valkyrie" is the title granted to warrior women with great experience on the battlefield.
They possess combat abilities comparable to warriors, but are also very agile.
Because they are equipped with high-quality magical equipment, you can obtain good resources from them.
These battle-loving heroes possess impressive combat abilities.
Unlike other heroes, they will not attempt to flee when their HP is low.
Due to their indomitable spirit, you can gain great amounts of Velis by defeating them.
Because their defenses are so high, unadjusted Zombies will deal very little damage to them.
It may be in your best interest to adjust your Zombies to prioritize attacking.
Extremely agile, they possess trap disabling and item acquisition skills that surpass the rogue.
Ninja Trap Disabling Success Rates: Trap Lv.1~5 = 100%
*Normal heroes cannot steal an item if there is a monster such as a Golem in the same area, but rogues and ninjas differ on this point.
These are knights who have been blessed with sacred protection.
Because their defense is quite high, it would be wise to deal damage with Zombies and traps in the early floors and then finish them off in the lower floors.
Unlike other heroes, these knights possess dark intentions.
As such, defeating them will not only give you resources but also Dark-Velis.
As warriors who have perfected the art of the sword, they possess exceptional attack power and agility.
*When one is equipped with a powerful and rare item, be sure to always know where it is, so that your monsters are not killed in the blink of an eye.
As knights skilled at battling dragons, it is difficult for dragons to hit them.
*It is recommended that you do not let even a high-level dragon fight a Dragon Knight equipped with a Dragon Slayer.
These are knights equipped with heavy armor.
Because the defense of these heroes is incredibly high, utilize traps and floor elements to defeat them.
Dragon fire is also effective.
*Each floor's element can be set by right-clicking the floor buttons on the left side of the screen.
These are knights capable of using the spell "Jual", which can boost ally stats.
heroes whose stats have been boosted will have icons appear in the list on the right.
Boosted stats are displayed on status screens.
These are arcane specialists with acquired magical abilities.
Their physical attacks are weak, but they use three kinds of spells.
El Jual: A spell that boosts the stats of the Rune Master and his allies
Vuld: An attack spell that deals significant damage to Zombies, Slimes, and Golems
Di Fulm: A spell that changes the floor element to "None"
*The stat-boosting spell "El Jual" is a stronger version of the Rune Knight's "Jual" spell.
These are holy men who wield menacing maces.
As their maces are imbued with the anti-Zombie spell "Fould", be sure to defeat them with monsters such as Golems and Demons.
Their armor is imbued with the spell "Guda" that reduces Zombie attack damage by half.
These are holy men who wield menacing maces.
As their maces are imbued with the anti-Zombie and anti-Demon spell "Dem Fould", be sure to defeat them with monsters such as Golems and dragons.
Their armor is imbued with the spell "Guda" that reduces Zombie attack damage by half.
These are mercenaries with extremely fast movement and combat speed.
Although they move even faster than ninjas, they do not have the ability to disable traps or steal treasure.
As a human subspecies (mutant), they have the innate ability to use magic.
Because they use the high-level spell "Lua Jual" on themselves, they also excel at physical combat.
*A stat-boosting Lua Jual icon has been omitted. Trap attacks are also rendered neutral.
Because they use the combat spell "Ghoss Reaver," which deals great damage to all monsters except Demons, make sure to defeat them with offensive items and Demons.
They also use the spell "La Fulm" which randomly changes the floor's element.
These are knights who have been chosen by the very source of Velis: Genrei.
Through Genrei's power, severe damage will be dealt to Dragons, Zombies, and Demons.
They also possess a skill that gradually recovers their HP, and they wield the spell "Mea Fulm" which changes the floor's element to "Life".
This is an individual who became a nation's king solely through his skill at the sword.
With both exceptional combat abilities and ambition, this warrior will rarely try to leave a dungeon.
Well-equipped with high-quality gear, killing this hero will provide you with a great deal of resources.
A legendary knight known among hero circles as "The One Guided by the [UNKNOWN]".
By breaking the seal on the [UNKNOWN], the [UNKNOWN] Knight and his aliies restarted the activities of over 100 dungeons and caverns, including ours.
Let us greet him with respect.

[ Dungeon Manager ZV - HERO HINTS - ]

Conditions that Increase Hero Satisfaction (SA) and Advantages
Conditions that Increase Hero Satisfaction (SA)
* When they defeat Zombies or monsters (satisfaction barely increases when strong heroes defeat Zombies)
* When they successfully disable traps (thieves, rogues, and ninjas can disable traps)
* When they obtain treasure/rare items (the higher the rarity, the more satisfaction increases)
* When they descend to lower floors (the lower the floor, the more satisfaction increases)
* When they reach the lowest floor

Advantages Regarding Satisfaction
* The amount of Velis acquired upon defeating a hero increases.
* The amount of fame (score) added to the dungeon when the hero exits is increased.
* Once a hero's satisfaction maxes out, that hero will try to exit (certain heroes can also be deliberately made to exit).

Later in the Game
After building a certain number of floors, it is recommended that you configure your dungeon in a way that will satisfy as many heroes as possible.
Dungeons that are too difficult will not satisfy heroes. (It is, of course, okay to focus solely on sheer power if you so wish)

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