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In a world where reckless heroes roam and ravage the land for riches,
Destroy the foolish heroes by luring them with fabled treasured items.

Become the ultimate Dungeon Manager,
Destroy all heroes who dare to enter your dungeon,
Above all else protect your most treasured item, "the Knight's Emblem", from being stolen.

Reclaim the bones of fallen heroes to use as a resource to expand your dungeon,
Dig deeper and deeper, construct new areas full of traps,
Attract stronger heroes to levels deep underground.
Harvest the life force, the "Velis", of heroes that you slay,
Zombies are your main guardians, create them from Bones and Velis of dead heroes.

Zombies do not slumber eternal, with Bone and Velis they can be revived,
Back to the undead to continue to stand guard for you.
When your Zombies are defeated they provide "Dark-Velis", the dark life force.
Use Dark-Velis of your fallen Zombies to spawn monsters such as Golems and Demons,
Breed stronger hybrid monsters by combining different types together.

Increase your dungeonís fame by luring heroes with precious items you place,
Occasionally, let heroes escape to spread word of your dungeonís splendor.
Dungeon strength attracts powerful adversaries carrying treasure who will come to explore,
However if too strong then none will dare to enter.

Fame and Strength is how you will be judged,
Maximize both factors to surpass all other dungeons.

Seek the mythic dragon eggs buried deep underground and lying dormant,
Waiting to be hatched into a legendary dragon,
Bringing fame and strength so that your dungeon will be extolled throughout the world.
You are the Dungeon Master!

Dungeon Manager ZV
Presented by StudioGIW