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Dungeon Manager ZV is a game that was created solely out of alphanumeric characters and symbols.
At first, it may feel strange, but as you get used to it,
you'll start to imagine the appearance and expressions of each hero that invades your dungeon.
Enjoy the pleasure of letting your imagination expand.

[ Dungeon Manager ZV - GAME MANUAL - ]

* Push the F1 key on the dungeon screen to view game hints.
* Hover the mouse cursor over a button to see its explanation.

Fame and Strength
Fame and Strength Score (Fame)
* Increases along with satisfaction when a hero safely exits the dungeon.
* Increases when items or monsters are placed.
* As fame increases, heroes equipped with better items will begin to come.

Monster-Force (Strength)
* This is the total of the strength (HP + Atk + Def) of the monsters you have placed (excluding Zombies).
* If you can reach Number 1 in the rankings for both "Fame" and "Strength," you will clear the game.

Total Hero Kill (Total Number of Heroes Killed)
* When this reaches certain milestones, you will acquire resources (Bone).
Resources Necessary for Creation
Resources Bone (Resource)
* Obtained by slaying heroes.
* Consumed when you create things such as areas, stairs, traps, and monsters.
Velis (Soul Material)
* Obtained in accordance with the satisfaction (SA) of defeated heroes.
* Consumed when you create monsters or revive Zombies.
Dark-Velis (Malice)
* Obtained when Zombies or monsters are defeated.
* Used to create Demons or block heroes from using magic squares to exit.
* Left-click to convert 100 Velis into 50 Dark-Velis.
Last-Item, Last-Boss, and the Big Four
* Your dungeon's fame will increase with the rarity of the item you set (10).
* The higher the rarity, the more heroes will come to your dungeon.
* Your dungeon's fame will increase according to the max HP of the monster you set (10).
* The higher the levels of the Last-Boss and the Big Four, the higher the levels of the heroes that invade your dungeon (the Last-Boss is prioritized).
Big Four (four monsters can be set)
* Your dungeon's fame will increase according to the max HP of the monsters you set (3).
* The Last-Boss and the Big Four can nullify instant-death attacks possessed by weapons such as the Death Firangi that some heroes have equipped.
* When the Last-Boss or one of the Big Four sustain damage from an instant-death attack, their HP will automatically recover at the cost of some Dark-Velis.

Area (Dungeon Subdivision) Creation and Simple Display
Area Simple Display Nine areas can be created on each floor.
Create and area by clicking on "Create OK".
The deeper the floor, the more resources (Bone) are needed.
* Labyrinths are automatically generated within each area.

Area Simple Display
Floor Down (or Floor Up): Indicates stairs leading down (or stairs leading up).
Zombie: The number of Zombies that have been placed (No. in operation/No. placed)
Trap Lv.: The power level of the traps in the area.
Demon: The monster name, level, and HP gauge of a monster that has been placed.
Item: The name of the rare item that has been placed.
* Heroes are displayed in the below grid.
* Right-clicking this Simple Display area allows you to remove items and monsters.
Area Organization Screen
Area Organization Screen Upper Left: Stairs can be created or deleted.
* One staircase leading either up or down can be created.
Upper Right: The trap level can be set.
* The higher the level, the stronger the traps.
* However, the resources required after activating will also increase.
Center: Zombies can be created or deleted.
* After one has been created, the balance of its abilities can be adjusted.
Lower Left: A rare item can be selected for placement.
* Depending on the item, a wide variety of special effects can be gained.
Lower Right: Monsters can be selected for placement.
* When you remove the monster, its HP will recover.

* Settings will be reflected when you click "OK".

Timing of the Hero Invasion
Hero Invasion Once you place the first item, heroes will begin to come.
The timing of heroes invading the dungeon can be seen with the red bar located directly below the Game Speed adjustment button.
* Red circles indicate standard heroes, yellow circles indicate heroes equipped with rare items, and stars indicate parties of heroes.
* heroes travel from the left side of the bar to the right and appear in B1 - AREA.3 when they reach the far right end.

Adjusting Game Speed
There are four speeds: "Freeze," "Slow," "Normal," and "Fast".
* Selecting "Freeze" stops time within the game.
* Time will also freeze while you are holding the Ctrl key.
Hero List
Hero List A list of heroes currently exploring your dungeon.
Gr.: Hero's identifying mark. (If a hero has a rare item equipped, there will be a yellow dot)
Lv.: Hero's level.
Class: Hero's class.
*Left-clicking here will display the list of heroes you've killed.
HP Gauge: Hero's health (an adventure dies when this reaches zero)
SA Gauge (Blue): Hero's satisfaction level (when it maxes out, the hero will attempt to exit the dungeon)
Magic Effect: Stat-boosting magic is displayed with a green icon.

Detailed Information
* Hover the cursor over a hero's name to display stats and possessions. The hero's name and any magic effects will also be displayed.
* Right-click to display a hero's characteristics.
Floor Buttons
Floor Buttons

Floor Element
These buttons switch which floor is displayed
(a mark is shown on the currently displayed floor)
B?: This indicates the floor number.
Dots: The number of heroes on a floor is indicated by the number of dots. (Yellow dots indicate heroes carrying rare items)

Special Actions
* Move the mouse wheel up and down to switch which floor is displayed.
* Right-click on a floor button while holding E to remove all of the monsters and items placed on that floor. (Useful for when you would like to move the main combat floor or escape from a powerful hero)
* Right-clicking on a floor allows you to set its element. (Dark-Velis is required)

Floor Element
* Set elements are indicated by color.
Water (Green): Slime abilities are improved
Earth (Brown): Golem abilities are improved
Dark (Purple): Zombie and Demon abilities are improved
Fire (Red): Dragon abilities and trap power are improved
Life (Blue): Hero abilities are improved (Bone and Velis doubled)

Item List
Item List
List of rare items that you possess.
No.: The item's number. The further down the list the item is, the less likely it is to appear.
Rare Item Name: Names of items that you have acquired at least once. (One of each rare item exists in the world)
Rarity: Indicates how rare an item is. When placed in an area, this value is added to your dungeon's fame.
B-AREA: The location where the item is currently placed (Floor-Area Number)
*The item set as the Last-Item is shown in a box. (Only an item that has been placed in an area can be set as the Last-Item)

Actions (when selected from Item Help above)
* Left-click an item name to display its details. (Items have effects when hero-equip effects and area-placement effects)
* Placed items can be removed by right-clicking that area.

Monster Creation and Synthesis
List of monsters
List of monsters created.
Lv.: Monster's current level. Slimes and Golems can be combined with other monsters from level 3 and above.
Name: Monster's name. The blue mark under a name indicates one of the Big Four, while a red mark indicates the Last-Boss.
HP/MAX: The monster's current health and max health. When a monster is placed, the value of its max HP is added to the dungeon's fame.
Atk: Monster's attack power.
Def: Monster's defense power.
B-AREA: The area where the monster has been placed.
Next-EXP: Decreases as monster slays heroes. When it reaches zero, the monster levels up. (The difference between the monster and the hero's level determines just how much that value decreases)

Monster Creation buttons
Create Slime: Creates a Slime (Cost: Velis = 4)
Create Golem: Creates a Golem (Cost: Bone = 20, Velis = 4, Dark-Velis = 2)
Create Demon: Creates a Demon (Cost: Velis = 8, Dark-Velis = 20)

* Monsters above a certain level can be combined (the levels of monsters that can be combined will flash). * Performing synthesis will give birth to a new monster with the stats of both monsters you combined. * After synthesis, you can return the monsters to their original states by clicking the Cancel button, but it can be quite effective to try synthesis on various different monsters.
* There are also some monsters that require items for synthesis.
* Dragon eggs (D-Egg) can also be produced through synthesis.

Dungeon Rankings
Dungeon Rankings Two Different Dungeon Rankings
* On the left is the fame (Score) ranking and on the right is the strength (Monster-Force) ranking.
* Reach first place in both rankings to clear the game.
* Your dungeon is displayed as "ZV-DG (Player)".
* On the bottom, the highest fame and strength you've reached so far are displayed.
* The values of other dungeons and caverns will also change over time.

Dragon Eggs
As you dig deeper in your dungeon, you may find dragon eggs.
By placing a dragon egg in an area and feeding it the blood of heroes, it will hatch and become a Dragon (Lv.1).
Dragon eggs can only be placed on the geothermally hot floors of B10 and deeper.
As dragon eggs cannot attack, it will be necessary to defeat heroes with only Zombies and traps.
In the later parts of the game, please design your dungeon so that heroes can make it to B10 and below, where your dragon can lie in wait for them.

Game Hints
* Removing monsters (excluding Zombies) from the area they have been placed will slowly restore their HP.
* If the heroes are too strong, remove the Last-Boss and the Big Four. (Hero levels are proportional to the levels of your Last-Boss and the Big Four)
* Make sure to always use your best item as the Last-Item.
* Starting in the middle of the game, decide which floor will be your main combat floor and lie in wait for the heroes there.
* In order that your high-level monsters don't get killed, be sure to make them flee before things go too far. Alternatively, you can set them as the Last-Boss or as one of the Big Four to prevent them from dying (Dark-Velis is required).
* If the heroes are leaving your dungeon too close to the surface, try adjusting the number of Zombies and the structure of the dungeon to lower the difficulty for the heroes.
* Monster attack power and defense power can be increased by setting a floor element.
* Clicking "Create Gauge" at the bottom of the screen will convert 100 Velis into 50 Dark-Velis.
* On the first options screen, the game's difficulty can be set to Hard. In Hard Mode, monster levels increase more easily.

Explanation of Hero Satisfaction (SA)

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